8 Great, Atmospheric Ghost Movies That Have Been Lost in Time

Here are 8 great atmospheric ghost or haunted house movies that many people don’t know about.  The list includes a few short films from the BBC, which I believe are a must see for fans of this genre.  You can click on a movie’s name to see its IMDB listing.
the signalman
The Signalman (1976 Short Film)
A lonely Signalman is being haunted by a ghost from nearby tunnel who always shows up just before an accident occurs.(37 mins.)
The Woman in Black (1989 TV Movie)
When a friendless old widow dies in the seaside town of Crythin, a young solicitor is sent by his firm to settle the estate… (100 mins.)
Director: Herbert Wise
Symptoms (1974)
A young woman is invited by her girlfriend, who lives in an English country mansion, to stay there with her. The estate, however, isn’t quite what it seems–and neither is the friend who issued the invitation. (91 mins.)
Director: Joseph Larraz
After the death of her daughter, Julia Lofting, a wealthy housewife, moves to London to re-start her life. All seems well until she is haunted by the sadness of losing her own child and the ghosts of other children. (98 mins.)
Haunted house chiller from Dan Curtis has Oliver Reed and Karen Black as summer caretakers moving into gothic house with their young son… (116 mins.)
Director: Dan Curtis
A university professor, confident that everything which occurs in life has a rational explanation, finds his beliefs severely challenged when…
A Warning to the Curious (1972 TV Movie)
An archeologist goes treasure hunting along the English coast in search of a lost, fabled crown that supposedly helps protect Great Britain against invasion. (50 mins.)
A governess Julia comes to work in a bourgeois family that live in an afforested property that they have recently bought… (99 mins.)

7 thoughts on “8 Great, Atmospheric Ghost Movies That Have Been Lost in Time

      1. It truly creeped me out when I was younger. Whenever I recommend it everyone assumes I’m talking about that shite Angelina Jolie child abduction flick. I’m definitely going to check out the films on your list i wasn’t familiar with. Thanks!

  1. I know everyone raves about the BBC MR James adaptations, but it’s Dicken’s The Signalman that does it for me everytime, 30 years after first seeing it. Denholm Elliott is wonderful in it.

  2. 1976 The Legend of Hell House is right up there with these.

    Truly atmospheric. It’s on NetFlix right now. Sometimes you rewatch a film many years later and realize that the film seemed better the time you first watched it? This film does not fit that pattern. It’s still creepy as hell.

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