Witchboard (1986) Blu-ray Review

“Speak of the devil.”

“Don’t.  I’ve had enough religious discussions for one night.”


Witchboard – one half of Scream Factory’s February 4th Kevin S. Tenney assault (the other half being Night of the Demons) –  is one hell of a good time.  A story of a Ouija board triggered haunting, possession, murder, and tragic love-lost between two bros, the film arrives with a nice transfer on a stacked Blu-ray.  Two audio commentaries (Tenney, producer Gerald Geoffray, and executive producer Walten Josten on one, the cast on the other), and a great 45 minute making-of being the highlights.


Highly recommended for 80s horror fans.  Grab Night of the Demons while you’re at it.

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