10 Great Posters For Lesser-Known 80s Horror Movies

Here are 10 of our favorite posters for lesser-known 80s horror movies.  Let us know your favorite or other great, rare ones you think should be included.

1.  The Video Dead (1987)


2.  Blood Beach (1980)


3. Eyes of Fire (1983)

Eyes of Fire2

4.  The Sender (1982)


5.  Spookies (1986)


6.  The Deadly Spawn (1983)

deadly spawn

7.  The Nest (1988)


8. The Boogens (1981)


9. Without Warning (1980)


10. Berserker (1987)


18 thoughts on “10 Great Posters For Lesser-Known 80s Horror Movies

    1. Glad you like them. You’re right, we sometimes share posters on our twitter account and the interest for newer ones doesn’t compare to the ones from the 80s. People love those.

  1. I miss older movie covers. You can get a glimpse at the movie just by looking at it. Now a days, its some girl with her hair loose and a some dude looking at her all broodingly who may or may not be the killer/ lover. It’s all the same, all so generic.

  2. ‘Beserker’ – oh Lord I’d almost forgotten that one… sixty minutes of faffing about and then a really good last twenty minutes.

  3. “Blood Beach” is a classic – I actually have that one. I remember watching it as a kid and being terrified.

    I never say the poster for “The Boogens” – that poster was way better than the movie! lol

  4. Cool posters. I own some of these films on DVD. I still haven’t but would love to watch The Boogens, Berzerk or Without Warning.

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