10 Awesomely Cheesy 80s Horror Trailers

Rare Horror has a lot of love for cheesy horror trailers.   The following is a list of some of our lesser-known favorites from the 80s.

1.  Scalps (1983)

The best part:  It’s hard to decide what’s better – the dialogue or the editing.


2.  Nightbeast (1982)

The best part:   There’s a lot to choose from here, but it has to be the intense love scene.


3.  Revenge of the Boogeyman (1983)

The best part:  This is one of the most nonsensical trailers/movies of all time.  And what the hell is a “bogey” man?


4.  Beasts (1983)

The best part:  The couple has the worst luck ever:  Attacked by a grizzly and escaped convicts in the same day.  Amazing.


5. Things (1989)

The best part:   It’s probably Canada’s best-worst movie.  The movie doesn’t make any more sense than the trailer.


6.  Raw Force (1982)

The best part: Martial arts, cannibals and zombies. What more do you need?


7.  Splatter University (1984)

The best part:  This is a lot better than the actual movie.  Plus, the trailer includes every single kill and reveals the killer so there’s no need to watch the real thing.


8. The Loch Ness Monster (1981)

The best part:  Nessie has never looked more terrifying.


9.  Psycho Cop (1989)

The best part:  It has one of our favorite tag lines.  “He always gets his man…and everybody else.”


10.  Destroyer (1988)

The best part:  Lyle Alzado is actually pretty entertaining as The Destroyer.


Honorable mention:  Psycho Girls (1986)

13 thoughts on “10 Awesomely Cheesy 80s Horror Trailers

  1. Excellent list! Cheesy films are always most entertaining! Have you seen The Toxic Avenger? I don’t know if it counts for this list but its definitely ‘out there’ with it’s obscurities! I NEED to see Scalpers now, cause it looks so damn bad — in a good way of course! 🙂


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