10 Super Cheesy 80s Horror VHS Covers

The 80s produced a great deal of awesome cover and poster artwork, which we have shared in previous posts.  There are some exceptions however.  Here are some of the cheesiest VHS covers we’ve come across.

1.   Black Devil Doll from Hell (1984)

black devil doll 1984

I’m surprised this doll isn’t as well known as Chucky.

2.  Bodycount (1986)

bodycount -1986

Somebody please tell me what the hell is happening on this cover.

3.  Forever Evil (1987)

forever evil -1987

Here you go – every horror art cliché ever jammed into one cover.

4.  Anguish (1987)


This art is certain to cause some anguish.

5.  Night Visitor (1989)

night visitor 1989

Your guess is as good as mine.

6.  Terror on Tour (1988)

terror on tour

One of many bad 80s metal-horror movies.  The cover just screams “terror” doesn’t it?

7.  Interface (1985)

interface 1985 350w

Apparently they’re dead serious.  You could’ve fooled me.

8.  Horror Planet (1981)

horror planet

I’d like a count of how many 70s and 80s sci-fi/horror movies  have a pair of eyes floating in space on their cover.

9.  Video Violence (1987)


I actually like this cover, but it’s as 80s, low-budget cheese as it gets.

10.  The Dark Power (1985)

dark power 1985

Yes folks, this is a horror movie, not a Saturday morning cartoon.

21 thoughts on “10 Super Cheesy 80s Horror VHS Covers

  1. I’ve been meaning to see Black Devil Doll From Hell, Forever Evil and Video Violence 1 & 2 for a long time now. As somebody with a loose grasp of graphic design, that artwork for Anguish is hella badass.

    1. I love the trailer for Forever Evil – it seems pretty entertaining. Video Violence is decent, a cool concept for sure, but suffers from bad editing, like a lot of the 80s SOV movies.

  2. Great collection here! I’ve never seen that cover for Bodycount before. It’s hilarious.
    I’m writing about the back of the old Blood Shack box in a couple of weeks.

  3. I kinda like the “Night Visitor” one… though I agree, it tells you nothing about the movie itself. Interesting to see on IMDb that it’s actually a comedy-horror flick, even though all the artwork suggests it’s straight horror. Tsk, tsk!

  4. I love how “Horror Planet” is just a renamed version of “Inseminoid”, which does have one creepy-ass cover. But then, a sentient, walking, giant penis critter is bound to give anyone a start.

    I vaguely remember, back in the 1980’s, seeing a horror movie cover that was indeed drawn in crayon. I remember a zombie pulling itself out of the grave, but I don’t remember the movie name at all. Now I wish I could, but there’s been way too many drunken nights since then.

    On the “Video Violence” cover, I swear that’s a BetaMax. Awesome!! I managed to keep a Beta machine limping along until about 2003 or so, and I had a copy of “The Herculoids” and Bakshi’s “Lord of the Rings.”

  5. Hard to believe that actual movies are attached to these posters. The one for Horror Planet seems to suggest that the film is actually soft-core porn. And is that Zelda Rubinstein on the cover of Anguish?

  6. Wonderful. It’s difficult to pick one highlight, but I do like the tagline for Horror Planet: “The years of waiting are over. Terror has begun.” Makes it sound like terror’s a good thing – finally, it’s here, after all this time, though it’d never arrive. Also like that the video is in mono, but, you know, hi-fi mono.

  7. Reblogged this on dust and shadow and commented:
    OMFG THIS POST RULES. I want to see all these movies, especially Video Violence. I hope it’s some kind of “After School Special”-like PSA about the dangers of letting children and weirdos rent horror movies.

  8. Does anyone know who did the Bodycount cover?  It’s got to be the most baffling one I’ve ever seen—what, are the people falling in holes?  Unreal, and apparently detached from what the movie’s about.  (I could be wrong.)

  9. Cool stuff.

    Other neat horror flicks from the era are “Evils of the Night” (co-starring Tina Louise and Julie Newmar) and “Spookies”.

  10. thanks for the follow! you’ve got a really cool site; I’ll definitely be relying on you for horror movie recommendations!

    this post was hilarious, btw. 🙂

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