Blood Curse (2006) Quick Review

coisa ruim

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Genre:  Horror/Mystery

Plot:  A family inherits a large home in a small, superstitious Portuguese village.  The father, who is a professor and skeptic of  all things paranormal, must confront the reality that his house may be haunted after a series of unusual events affect him and his family.


Blood Curse (also known as Coisa Ruim) is a 2006 Portuguese horror-mystery film directed by Tiago Guedes and Frederico Serra.

What we liked:

  • Creates an unsettling and eerie viewing experience with virtually no special effects or “jump” type scares.
  • Uses clever mind games to force watchers to draw their own conclusions about the supernatural occurrences in the house.
  • Takes place in a beautiful, haunting setting in Portugal’s countryside.


What we didn’t like:

  • The slow pace of the movie may test even the most patient of viewers.


It seems like dozens of horror films come out every year with this same old story line:  a troubled family moves into a large, isolated home in country and discovers it’s haunted.    While most of these are a let down, I keep watching them to find rare gems like Blood Curse.  If you’re like me and prefer an atmospheric and suspenseful ghost story over gore and explosions, then this movie will not disappoint you.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Blood Curse is available on DVD with English subtitles.  Check out Blood Curse in the IMDB:

3 thoughts on “Blood Curse (2006) Quick Review

  1. “If you’re like me and prefer an atmospheric and suspenseful ghost story over gore and explosions” – Yep, that is absolutely like me! I’ll definitely check this out.

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