Top 8 Underrated Horror Couples

Let’s face it; horror and romance go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Stories of forbidden love, obsession, and star crossed lovers are often common themes within the genre, spawning many iconic horror couples over time.  See Frankenstein’s monster and The Bride.  King Kong and Ann Darrow.  Chucky and Tiffany.  Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling.  With another Valentine’s Day upon us, it seemed fitting to give love to the most underrated horror couples.  The couples that deserve to see some of that spotlight, having overcome their own obstacles.  Obstacles like possession, hordes of the undead, and other supernatural tragedies.

8) Return of the Living Dead 3 – Curt Reynolds and Julie Walker

Curt JulieRebellious teen Curt speeds off into the night with his girlfriend, Julie, in tow when his military father tells him that they’ll be moving yet again thanks to orders.  Julie gets a little too playful, causing Curt to wreck and Julie is thrown from his motorcycle, dying instantly.  Devastated, Curt decides to sneak her body into the military base to use the Trioxin gas he saw re-animate a corpse just prior to the move announcement.  The gas works, and beautiful Julie is revived.  The Trioxin gas made Julie very hungry, though, and not just any food will do.  Horrified to learn she’s developed a taste for human flesh, Julie uses pain to hold back her hunger, giving a whole new meaning to body modification.  Curt still loves her despite her new appearance.  Even in the trail of zombies that Julie leaves in her wake, Curt never gives up on her.  If that isn’t true love, I don’t know what is.

7) Audition – Shigeharu Aoyama and Asami Yamazaki

shigeharu asamiWidower Shigeharu is pushed by his teenaged son into dating again, and his friend decides to hold a mock audition to find the perfect mate for him.  Enter beautiful Asami.  Shigeharu is immediately smitten, and thus begins a beautiful courtship straight out of a romantic drama.  So perfect, in fact, that it’s easy to forget in what genre this film actually belongs.  But Asami has secrets.  Very, very dark secrets.  In particular, Asami doesn’t like to share love.  In any way.  She likes to use piano wire to prove her point. This couple proves that you do not mess with women, especially not a woman scorned.  Or perhaps it will swear you off love altogether.

6) Near Dark – Caleb Colton and Mae

caleb maeAww, it’s love at first bite.  Caleb falls for Mae the first night they meet, and she bites him right before sunrise.  Of course, Caleb’s a bit confused when the sun causes his flesh to burn.  No worries, Mae comes back to show him the ropes of being a vampire.  Unfortunately for the both of them, Mae’s family of vampires falls off the charts on the sociopathic scale.  Talk about overcoming disapproving in laws.  Lance Henriksen plays Jesse Hooker, the patriarch of the vampire group.  And he’s one scary papa. Caleb’s been forced to take on one mean family, but proves how far he’s willing to go for Mae.  That’s impressive, considering she turned him into a creature of the night upon their first meeting.

5) [REC] 3 – Koldo and Clara

Koldo ClaraPoor Koldo and Clara are in the midst of enjoying their wedding reception when the outbreak from the first film rears its ugly head.  Infected family members biting others, blood spraying everything, panic and chaos ensues.  Koldo and Clara are separated, facing a horde of homicidal wedding guests between them.  All they want is to be reunited, and they’re willing to don armor and wield chainsaws to take out anything undead in their path to get to each other.  In sickness and in health, to love, cherish, and to obey, till death do they part; this couple takes their wedding vows very seriously.

4) Nightbreed – Aaron Boone and Lori Winston

Boone LoriGuys take note: Any girl willing to follow you into a city of monsters that lust for her blood after you’ve died and resurrected a monster yourself is a keeper.  Oh, and it should be mentioned that there’s a serial killer hot on your trails.  Lori Winston is that girl, following Boone straight into Midian, monsters and serial killers be damned.  She puts her life at risk time and time again, all in the name of her love for Boone.  It’s not one sided either.  Even while Boone struggles with becoming a monster and what that means, as well as deal with a psychotic killer hell bent on pinning his legacy on Boone, he still carves out a place for Lori at his side in his new world.

3) Dead Alive (Braindead) – Lionel Cosgrove and Paquita Maria Sanchez

lionel paquitaWhen Paquita first meets submissive mama’s boy Lionel in her family’s shop, she’s turned off by his clumsy awkwardness.  But when he shows up again displaying a foretold symbol of destiny, she changes her tune and becomes unrelenting in her pursuit of him.  That Lionel’s home is overrun hungry zombies, including his terrifying and overbearing undead mother, is but a mere blip in her chase.  Paquita takes charge, handling the task of zombie slaying with grace.  And a take charge kind of gal is perfect for the more submissive Lionel, even learning to stand up to mommy dearest.

2) Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon – Leslie Vernon and Taylor Gentry

Leslie TaylorA classic beauty and the beast type tale, albeit with much more charm thanks to this tale’s beast, Leslie Vernon.  Leslie’s goal in life is to be the next great horror slasher, following in the footsteps of Jason Voorhees and Freddy.  He’s got his victims and setting all planned out, he just needs his final girl.  Enter Taylor Gentry, the intelligent student on assignment.  Little does she know that Leslie is prepping her for her unwitting role, though the sexual tension between the two grows palpable in short order.  The film’s climax feels like excellent foreplay between the two and is just one of the many reasons this film deserves a sequel.

1) The Fly – Seth Brundle and Veronica Quaife

seth veronicaThough Seth and Veronica’s relationship begins professionally, with her documenting his work on his teleportation device, it soon evolves romantically.  This inspires Seth to experiment on using his device on living things, an inspiration that proves horrific when that pesky housefly sneaks into the device with him.  Seth’s DNA forever altered, his behavior changes as his body undergoes superhuman changes.  Veronica’s concerns fall on deaf ears, and their relationship fizzles.  Poor Seth’s body continues to transform, losing body parts and developing nasty eating habits.  He quickly associates Veronica as his last link to humanity, and will do anything to hold on to it.  Seth and Veronica’s love story is an epic tragedy that refuses to be forgotten.

Who is your favorite horror couple?

21 thoughts on “Top 8 Underrated Horror Couples

  1. DEAD ALIVE is the sweetest, purest love story I’ve ever seen work at the heart of a film that is so damn twisted. Love to see it on here. For my part, I’ve always loved Henry and Becky in HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER, despite eventual outcomes.

  2. I approve of the “Near Dark” love. Mae was one of those chicks that’d be fun to date, but you’re really only with her because she has a way cool vampire family.

  3. Awesome list. I’m assuming you left off Frank and Julia (Hellraiser) because you don’t consider them to be underrated?

  4. Another one is David and Alex in “An American Werewolf in London”.

    Is there any guy who watched that movie and didn’t have the hots for Jenny Agutter?

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