5 Awesome Horror Book Covers

A caution: Unless otherwise stated, I make no claims to the quality of the prose, I’m merely an admirer of the art.  My inspiration is basically books that, were I to spy them on a shelf when I was a kid, I would have felt scared, intrigued, and like my mom would be super mad at me for even looking at them.

1.  The Devil Rides Out by Dennis Wheately

Dennis Wheatley is mostly forgotten as a novelist, although the Hammer adaptation of his novel, The Devil Rides Out, enjoys a great deal of popularity.  Whatever Dennis’s skills as a novelist, his books had some great covers.  Pick any at random and you’d be sure to find something that would be perfect for an occult doom metal album cover.  I couldn’t decide which version I liked the most, so here’s two of my favorites.

fortean_times_5203_12 7499291944_9fca900a49


2.  Lady Sativa by Frank Lauria

I guess this novel is about a psychic detective, and not, as you’d expect from the title, about a woman who loves one of the two strains of marijuana.  No Lady Indica sequel then, I guess.

lady sativa


3.  Black Easter by James Blish

More occult metal album cover gold.  Blish has written some well-regarded pieces of science fiction, and won a Hugo award for A Case of Conscience.



4.  More Devil’s Kisses, edited by Linda Lovecraft

I can only assume Linda Lovecraft is a pen name.  While no skulls or monsters or blood or death appears here, a hairy tongue is pretty damn revolting.  What an awful surprise that would be.  The Rolling Stones logo gone gross.  Published by Corgi.  Corgis are cute.  This is not.



5. The Wood by Guy N Smith

A simple EC Comics-like zombie, clawing its way through the woods.  Nice.  Not sure why Living and Dead are capitalized, nor why they didn’t just say, “The dead live on.”


12 thoughts on “5 Awesome Horror Book Covers

  1. Great choices. Every single one of them is incredible looking. I haven’t read any of them though.

    The first book cover that I remember falling in love with was Necroscope.

  2. I assumed that “Lady Sativa” would be terrible from the fact that the main character has such a ridiculous name… but the Kindle edition features a recommendation by William S Burroughs on its cover! Apparently there’s a whole series of “Dr Owen Orient” novels out there, and the plot descriptions make them sound kinda fun!

    Weirdly, Frank Lauria also wrote a novelisation of “GirlFight”, the Michelle Rodriguez boxing movie… hmmm…

  3. I really enjoyed this piece, the covers are fantastic. I’m sad to see that More Devils Kisses got recalled and destroyed under the Obscenities Act, the cover is awful and yet it makes me want to know if the contents are too!

  4. The British Guy N.Smith covers are awesome. Hell, the UK horror paperbacks of the 70’s had fantastic covers. Made you want to pick it up and see what the book was about. Great piece! Thanks.

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