Vincent Price Talks About Real Life Supernatural Experiences

I recently stumbled across a long forgotten newspaper article from the 70s where horror legend Vincent Price talks about real life supernatural experiences he’s had, including a bizarre premonition about the death of actor Tyrone Power.

I found this pretty interesting, even though I don’t really believe in anything supernatural myself.

Vincent Price

11 thoughts on “Vincent Price Talks About Real Life Supernatural Experiences

  1. I’ve had a few experiences in my life. I’ve had dreams or premonitions that have come true, and I once had a door in a bed and breakfast close behind me without anyone or anything touching it. I’m pretty sure a ghost touched it, because I said, “Thank you” afterwards, and I felt I was talking to an actual person. And–oh my God, but this is the most terrifying thing to happen of all–I once was lying awake in bed trying to fall asleep, and I felt the room get freezing cold. My teeth were chattering! And I felt my mattress moving a little and I thought someone was in my room with me. I was lying on my side, and I was staying very still. And then I felt a hand on the comforter, pressing against my right side. There was weight, and there was a “fwoomph!” sound, the sound of fabric being suddenly pressed into. It was really freaky. Eventually whatever it was took the hand off and it got warm again and I was alone and I fell asleep. I still remember that terror though, and not moving for fear something would notice me. Really terrifying stuff.

  2. I have an old 8-track of Vincent Price talking about his beliefs in the supernatural. My husband was able to move it to CD for me – it’s an interesting lecture (for lack of a better word). He had some really interesting views.

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