We Are Still Here (2015) Review


This is a spoiler-free quick review:

“It’s not Bobby! It’s not Bobby!”

I love a good haunted house movie. Hell, I even love a mediocre one, so of course I wasn’t going to let indie horror, We Are Still Here (2015), pass me by even if I had heard mixed reviews about it.
Haunted house films might be the most cliche of the horror genre. A family with a troubled past moves into a big remote house only to discover from one of the locals that the house itself also has sketchy history. Throw in some unexplained footsteps, a creepy cellar, a seance, doors opening by themselves, toy balls rolling down the stairs and the movie is half written.

we are still here still

That sums up a good chunk of We Are Still Here and a hundred other horror movies. However as cliche as it might be I still found it fun to watch. The film is much faster paced and considerably  more violent than most horrors of this variety.   The monsters are genuinely freaky at times and the last twenty minutes of the movie erupts into enjoyable, gory chaos as the townsfolk and lead couple do battle with the evil forces in the house.

While the film’s dialog is somewhat cheesy and the acting is questionable at times, it does lend a fun, campy feel to the movie.  If you find atmospheric ghost stories tedious to watch you might want to give this one a try. Recommended.

Rating: 6 out of 10

2 thoughts on “We Are Still Here (2015) Review

  1. My dad and I want to watch this, but I find the sooty-looking monsters in the trailer sketchy-slash-cheesy. I guess I should give it a chance (low production values don’t neccesarily mean it’s bad, after all.) I chuckled at your comment about horror movie cliches, I’ve seen the rolling ball in at least a million movies (a little hyperbole never hurt.) I think the first film I saw this motif in was “The Changeling” starring George C.Scott, which is a really cool movie albeit dated (i.e. not particularly scary.) Hey, I liked it better than anything by Hitchcock! Coincidentally, my dad found it boring.

    I actually love atmospheric horror movies. I pick an unsettling mood and a decaying Gothic mansion over blood n’ guts any day. For instance, “The Others” starring Nicole Kidman is one of my favorites (not a drop of blood to be seen, but my Gawd is it scary.)

    What’s your favorite horror film Trevor? Mine is the original “Let the Right One In” (which is also my favorite movie of all time, wouldn’t ya know?) Yeah, I’m a sucker for slow-burner/atmospheric flicks.

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