The Sea Serpent (1984) Review

the sea serpent poster

This is a mostly spoiler-free mini review:

What do you get when you detonate an atomic bomb in the ocean?  A really ridiculous rubber sea monster that looks like a baby’s toy, of course.

If you like movies of the, “so bad it’s good,” variety, then you’ll probably love The Sea Serpent.  Seeing the ultra-fake looking sea serpent (and hearing the bizarre shrieking noises it makes), you’d think for sure this that this is a self aware spoof of monster films.  However, the actors in the movie seem to be quite serious which makes me think the terribleness is all accidental.

Every appearance the sea serpent makes is lovably bad. This is the least scary sea monster you can possibly imagine.  Cheesy, catchy and completely unmenacing music perfectly accompanies each of the sea serpents kills.

sea serpent still
The icing on the cake is the film’s acting.  While the movie is from Spain, the dialog is in English, and half the characters seem dubbed with voices that really don’t suit them, adding a certain silly charm to the film.

If there’s a downside to this movie, it’s that the scenes that the sea serpent isn’t in are kind of boring.  Luckily the monster does make quite a few appearances and kills though, and it all climaxes with a great scene which features the sea serpent wreaking havoc on what is clearly a toy train set.

It’s hard to rate movies like this, but considering the fun factor:

7 out of 10.

3 thoughts on “The Sea Serpent (1984) Review

  1. Timothy Bottoms starred in “The Last Picture Show” and “The Paper Chase”, and more recently in Gus Van Sant’s “Elephant”. He must’ve had a dip in his career.

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