Satan’s Blade (1984) Blu-ray Review

satans blade poster

This is a mostly spoiler-free quick review:

Satan’s Blade is a low budget slasher about vacationing friends on a ski trip that are being stalked by a possessed killer.

I remember watching this on VHS a few years ago and enjoying it, but recall it being rough around the edges in every way. I wondered how much a Blu-ray transfer would improve or hurt my memories of the film.


B movies like this are bound to be polarizing.  The difference between a bad B movie and a good B movie often comes down to the characters and the tone of the film. If the characters are bland and the movie takes itself really seriously,  then you’re in for an unpleasant, boring and often annoying 1.5 hours. However if the characters and dialog are kept fun and lighthearted, then even a “bad” movie can still be fun to watch.  For me, Satan’s Blade falls into the latter category. The acting is bad to say the least, but the campy feel of the dialog makes it tolerable. There’s also an abundance of cheesy jokes with endearingly bad delivery.

The video and audio quality of the Blu-ray are a mixed bag, while the picture quality looks excellent there are a lot of random background noise, dark and light spots in the corners of the screen, and all kinds of other anomalies going on. Also the boom mic is visible in a lot of the scenes, and the the movie is in 4:3 format, not widescreen, which might annoy some people.


So-bad-it’s-good qualities aside, Satan’s Blade does have some genuine upsides – the story-line is surprisingly original and the ending is better thought out than most slashers.  On the down-side, while there is a lot of blood, gore is not shown in graphic detail due to the limited budget, which may disappointing the gore-hounds.

Recommended for fans of B movies and 80s Slashers only.

Rating: 7 out of 10 based on the fun factor.

3 thoughts on “Satan’s Blade (1984) Blu-ray Review

  1. Sounds fun. I’ll have to find it.

    For the record, a bad B movie is “The Reincarnation of Peter Proud”. If ever there were a movie that REALLY belonged on “Mystery Science Theater 3000”, that was it.

  2. I have a problem with re-issues of old movies on Blu-Ray. In many of them, the SFX and music are so loud that you can’t hear the dialog you could hear in the original DVD release. Now admittedly, much dialog is lame, but sometimes it’s necessary for the plot. It’s inevitable that new movies come out in Blu-Ray, but can we leave the old ones alone? Blu-Ray players can of course play DVD format with no problem (and CDs as well).

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