Night Trap (Sega CD, 1992) Review

sega night trap box

This is a spoiler-free quick review:

I recently picked up some old school game consoles so I can write retro horror game reviews. First up is one of the most controversial and polarizing games of the 90s: Night Trap.

Night Trap is an interactive movie in which you protect girls having a sleepover from evil Augers (vampires of sorts) who break into their house. You do this by switching between cameras in all the rooms in the home and activating numerous traps that have been hidden throughout the home to capture the bad guys. The controversy surrounding the game’s release was largely unjust as it has no real gore or nudity that I know of.

night trap 3

Trapping the bad guys is actually pretty fun, and the video sequences showing the Augers being captured are enjoyable to watch. The game has a cheesy 80s horror movie feel to it which will appeal to fans of campy genre films. There’s a lot going on the game with characters interacting in numerous rooms simultaneously.

While the Sega CD version has grainiest video of all the platforms that Night Trap was released on (PC, 3DO, 32X, Mac) with video quality that would make a worn out VHS tape blush, the game remains very playable and the pixelated video adds kind of an 80s charm to it.

night trap2

If you read other reviews of Night Trap online, you realize it’s either rated very highly or very poorly, with seemingly no in-between. The reason for this is likely that if you’re not a fan of B movies, then you probably can’t get over the game’s unreasonable difficulty level – while the controls are simple, the biggest knock against Night Trap is that it’s more a game of memorization than skill. So unless you have an amazing memory or you read a walk-through, you’re going to have a hard time finishing it. That said, I can’t rate it a perfect ten, but it’s pretty close:


3 thoughts on “Night Trap (Sega CD, 1992) Review

  1. I had a blast playing this game growing up. If I remember correctly, **SPOILER ALERT** the game had two versions. The “uncensored” version had more gore when you messed up and the girls were captured. There is a particular scene (cut I think?) where the Augers have this neck-clamp device and put it around one of the girls and it shows it drawing out her blood. It put a lot of parents up-in-arms. I still own the original, but could never beat the thing without referring to my GamePro walk through.

  2. Oh man, I love these retro games. Yes I love the photo realism of today’s games but there was something almost psychedelic about the way these games presented themselves that no game these days can replicate.

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