Notable October Horror Releases

Need help plotting your Halloween viewing lists?  Below are noteworthy releases for October.

Theatrical and VOD releases:

October 2



All you really need to know to add this to your “must watch” list is that it’s a horror comedy from New Zealand.  Two teenagers unwittingly summon a demon known as The Blind One by delving into black magic when forming their own metal band.  A gory comedy that lovingly pokes fun of metalheads, but laughs with them not at them.

A Christmas Horror Story

A Christmas Horror Story

Interwoven tales of horror that take place on Christmas Eve, connected by a radio host (William Shatner).  Perhaps an odd choice for October viewing lists, worth checking out for the upcoming holidays.  Santa slaying zombies, evil Christmas spirits, and William Shatner in a horror movie; sounds like a must see…just maybe not for the Halloween season.

October 6

Last Shift

Last Shift

A rookie’s first day on the job should be a piece of cake.  All she has to do is man the front desk of a closing police station; all of the calls have already been routed to the new station.  Except, there’s an eerie presence in the empty station that doesn’t seem to want leave the rookie alone.  Very creepy sound design and the use of real animal blood makes this a must see.

October 9

The Final Girls

The Final Girls

A young woman grieving the loss of her mother reluctantly attends a screening of her mother’s most famous film, a 1980s camp slasher flick.  When she finds herself sucked into the film, she must team up with her mother to fight off the film’s killer.  A very unique and fun concept, looks like a great spoof of the 80’s slasher genre.

October 16

Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak

Guillermo del Toro has already proven himself a visionary, but this one perhaps may be more of a gamble as the director has already stated this is more gothic romance than outright horror.  Mia Wasikowska stars an aspiring author caught between her childhood friend and a mysterious outsider, but gets caught up in a house that breathes and bleeds.  Visuals and cinematography look stellar, as does the cast.  Jessica Chastain, Charlie Hunnam, and Tom Hiddleston also star.

Tales of Halloween

Tales of Halloween

Ten stories by notable horror directors connected by being set in the same suburb on Halloween night.  Stories of ghouls, goblins, axe murderers and more terrorize the neighborhood’s residents.  Some play for laughs and some play for scares, but either way this will surely make its way on requisite October viewing lists, and could easily make a lighter companion piece to 2007’s Trick r’ Treat. Look for a multitude of Easter eggs and cameos by notable masters of horror such as Mick Garris, Stuart Gordon, Adam Green, Barbara Crampton and so many more.

October 23

Bone Tomahawk

Bone Tomahawk

Four men set out in the Wild West to rescue a group of captives from cannibalistic cave dwellers.  A western with Kurt Russell versus cannibals.  Do you really need anything else to make you want to see this?

The Last Witch Hunter

Last Witch Hunter

Vin Diesel stars as the last witch hunter, the only thing that prevents humanity from falling to evil witches.  Production values look high, and Vin Diesel somehow always manages to bring the fun.  Could easily flop, but supporting cast members Rose Leslie, Elijah Wood, and Michael Caine make this all the more intriguing.

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

Ghost Dimension

Likely the most polarizing of October releases, The Ghost Dimension marks the conclusion to the long running popular found footage series.  This film also marks the first time audiences will get to see Toby, the demon that’s been plaguing Katie and Kristi their entire lives.

October 30

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse


Three misfit boy scouts band together to save their town from a zombie outbreak.  This marks the second horror comedy to feature zombies and kids for the second month in a row, though this one features the kids as the protagonists.  This feature also looks to amp up the raunchy humor, as it’s rated R for violence, gore, and graphic nudity.

Retro DVD/Blu-ray releases:

Burnt Offerings (Kino Lorber) – October 6

The Brood (Criterion Collection)- October 13

Mosquito: 20th Anniversary Edition (Synapse Films)- October 13

Tales from the Crypt Presents: Bordello of Blood  (Scream Factory)– October 20

Tales from the Cryp Presents: Demon Knight (Scream Factory) – October 20

Army of Darkness [Collector’s Edition] (Scream Factory) – October 27

Phase IV (Olive Films) – October 27

Them! (Warner Home Video)- October 27


What are you looking forward to?


About the Author

Meagan Navarro is a blogger from Houston, TX. She fell in love with monsters at age four after being exposed to them via Ghostbusters, and her passion grew into an obsession for all things horror and Halloween (which is the entire month of October, as far as she’s concerned). Meagan also loves traveling and chocolate.  Follow me on twitter: @HauntedMeg

10 thoughts on “Notable October Horror Releases

  1. Despite myself I became quite hooked on the Paranormal Activity flicks… or the first three of them, anyway. PA4 was a big comedown, and I haven’t gotten around to PA5 yet… but if this new one promises to actually bring the “story” to some sort of conclusion, I might actually be tempted to go and see it at the cinema, rather than waiting for a cheap second-hand copy to come my way…

  2. It’s weird to think of Paranormal Activity – a franchise that’s mostly prequels – having a “conclusion”. Any further back in time and there wont be consumer cameras available. :/

  3. I’m interested in seeing how paranormal activity ends seen as I’ve watched them all. Also the scouts guide to zombies sounds good as I do love a good zombie movie. However i can’t quite say whether it’ll be good as most are crap!

  4. Been looking forward to Guillermo Del Toro’s Crimson Peak all year. I haven’t really been a huge fan of the last couple projects he’s been attached to but this looks like it could be a return to form. Also, The Last Witch Hunter has a chance to be one of those awful and over-wrought yet AWESOME flicks like the first Underworld. Here’s hoping.

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