Scary Little Fuckers: A Christmas Movie (2015) Review


What happens if you throw in a cup of Gremlins, a cup of Critters, and a liberal pinch of Troma-style raunchy humor into a sitcom length short film?  You wind up with ‘Scary Little Fuckers: A Christmas Movie.’  It’s Christmas Eve and an inebriated father just wants to make amends with his fifteen year old son.  Stopping by a quaint little shop, he talks the owner into letting him purchase Fookahs, little caged furry critters that come with a set of rules.  Specifically, don’t put them in the same cage together. Naturally, that’s precisely what happens and you’d be correct if you guessed that they multiplied in number.

However, this is not your family friendly Christmas special.  There’s herpes, drunk fathers, and a body count.  Dad steps way into inappropriate territory a number of times.  The Christmas jingle instructing you to “Go Fuck Yourself on Christmas Night,” aptly sums on the humor, and yet the holiday spirit still seeps through as the Fookahs bring father and son together for one unforgettable Christmas.

slf kyle

Scary Little Fuckers: A Christmas Movie features a cast of New England talent headed by Josh Fontaine, Anna Rizzo, Rich Tretheway, Monica Saviolakis, Geoff White, Mary Ferrara, and Mark Carter.  Rich Tretheway plays alcoholic dad looking for redemption well; his drunken, slurred deal brokering in the opening sequence is a highlight. 32 year old actor Josh Fontaine playing the 15 year old son, Saul, is a stroke of comedic genius.  The cast clearly enjoyed making this short yuletide tale.

The budget is micro, but it suits the biting humor perfectly.  As does the stuffed animal-like quality to the impish Fookahs.  Director Nathan Suher and writer Lenny Schwartz lovingly poke fun at the horror genre with their comedic holiday creature feature.  If you’re not easily offended and have long grown tired of typical holiday fare, then this is for you.

Scary Little Fuckers are coming for you, December 6!

Rating: 5 Fookahs out of 10

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Meagan Navarro is a blogger from Houston, TX. She fell in love with monsters at age four after being exposed to them via Ghostbusters, and her passion grew into an obsession for all things horror and Halloween (which is the entire month of October, as far as she’s concerned). Meagan also loves traveling and chocolate.  Follow me on twitter: @HauntedMeg

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