13 Cool Vintage Horror Board Games

Here are some of the coolest vintage horror board games we’ve stumbled across over the years.   We can’t say they’re all necessarily fun to play, but we like their board designs or novelty value. Please comment and tell us about your favorite games from the past.

1.  Séance (1972)

sceance 1972


2. Mystic Skull (1964)

Mystic Skull - 1964


3.  A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Freddy Game (1989)

A Nightmare On Elm Street The Freddy Game (1989)


4. Voice of the Mummy (1971)

Voice of the Mummy (1971)


5.  Jaws (1975)

Jaws (1975)


6. Alien (1979)

Alien (1979)


7. Shrieks and Creaks (1988).

Shrieks & Creaks (1988)


8.  Haunted Mansion (1972)

Haunted Mansion Game (1972)


9. Doorways to Horror:  The VCR Game (1986)


10.  Which Witch?  (1970)

Which Witch (1970)


11.  Superstition (1977)

Superstition 1977


12. Boris Karloff’s Monster Game (1965)

Boris Karloff's Monster Game (1965)


13.  Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb (1988)

Curse of the Mummy's Tomb (1988)

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23 thoughts on “13 Cool Vintage Horror Board Games

  1. wow an Alien game. Also Which With i have but it’s been re-themed Ghost Castle. I think it was also called Haunted house at some point. I once had a Ghost train game, which i could remember what it was called.

  2. I bought the Which Witch one at a yard sale, going against hope that all the pieces were there. Nope, lol.

    Nightmare and AtmosFear were pretty cool VCR ones. I bought the DVD version of AtmosFear but it’s not very good. The VCR version was way better

  3. I have the first game listed here – the Seance game. The table is actually a record player that plays the haunted voice of Uncle Everett speaking from the beyond. The players try to collect the most valuable pieces from Uncle Everett’s will which Everett reads from the beyond. The pieces are willed to the players in a random manner. I remember when that you never wanted to hear him say “You Get Nothing ha ha ha”.
    I think I am going to sell the game but not sure where to sell it.

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