Sensoria (2016) Preview

Every apartment has a past…
“SENSORIA” follows Caroline, a woman in her late thirties, who has lost everything she cares for in the world. In the search for a new beginning, she moves into an old apartment and quickly begins to realize that she is not as alone as she thought she was…
“SENSORIA” is a modern psychological thriller with a Scandinavian sensibility.

The tagline “Every apartment has a past…” for director, writer, and producer Christian Hallman’s new horror, Sensoria, instantly recalls Roman Polanski’s classic The Tenant, which is certainly no accident: “The look, tone and design of Sensoria is very important to me. Some of the films we had as reference during the development were; The Others, Rosemary’s Baby, Repulsion, The Tenant, The Conjuring, Insidious, A Tale of Two Sisters, Paranormal Activity, Sisters and Dark Water to name but a few. Since most of my crew never worked with genre film, I made it a requirement to watch these and many other films as homework before starting pre-production,” Hallman notes.  Much like the paranoid, haunting atmosphere of The Tenant, the apartment in Sensoria is a kind of melancholic limbo, rich with dark secrets, and an essential character in the film.

The film follows Caroline Menard, lonely and vulnerable after a miscarriage and the collapse of her relationship.  Caroline moves into a new apartment with the intention of focusing on getting her life back in order.  She soon finds that everything is not as it seems, and each neighbor in the apartment also lives alone;  each neighbor has lost someone or something.  Caroline finds herself isolated from the world, her paranoia and fear building as she becomes aware of what is happening.  Is it all in her head, or is this a living nightmare?

In Christian Hallman’s words, “I wanted to make a genre film with strong and interesting characters, focusing on a woman with inner strength, but who is also very vulnerable, lonely and multilayered. A film that looks at how our senses and emotions sometimes gets the better of us and takes us to a dark place which exists within all of us, and which makes it possible for us to see what not everyone sees… it makes us more a-tune and sensible to what is around us.”

Sensoria has been shown at a number of festivals, including Fantastic Fest, Telluride Horror Show, Monsters of Film, and the Leeds Intl. Film Festival where it has received strong reviews and praise for the atmospheric production.

Check out the eerie, intense trailer:

Sensoria is now available for online purchase and streaming on iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, VimeoOnDemand, Vudu, and Xbox

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