10 Awesome Examples of Horror Furniture

Rare Horror is always on the lookout for creative horror themed art to share on our social sites. Here are 10 of our favorite horror and retro movie themed furniture pieces.

1. Lament Configuration Table


2.  Jason Coffee Table


3.  Coffin CD Holder


4.  Bride of Frankenstein Chairs


5.  VHS Coffee Table


6.  Ouija Dining Table

ouija dining table

7.  Pac-Man Coffee Table Made out of VHS Tapes

pacman vhs

8.  Ouija End Table


9.  Zombie Side Table

10. Skull Reading Chair


Thanks for reading!  Let us know which piece you like best.



13 thoughts on “10 Awesome Examples of Horror Furniture

  1. I´m not living in any of those houses, sleeping in a coffin….gives me the willies. As a matter of fact I´ll probably have trouble sleeping tonight. On the other hand that furniture was quite cool

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