Trailer Park of Terror (2008) Review


Do you remember the old Tales From the Crypt show based on the 1950s comic? It really wasn’t that scary but it was good, silly fun with a great gross-out factor.

Trailer Park of Terror reminds me of that show. It’s not that smart, it’s not that terrifying, but it IS a whole lot of fun. Fitting too, since it also began life as a horror-themed comic.

Pretty girl Norma is the queen of the trailer park but things go awry when her boyfriend is accidentally killed by her neighbors. In retaliation, she makes a deal with the devil, who provides her with a shotgun and she lays waste to everyone in the entire trailer community.  Years later, bad weather forces a group of wayward kids  to stay at the park where they learn that Norma and the other inhabitants never really left…

Okay, with a name like Trailer Park of Terror, I didn’t go in expecting much, but to my surprise, this is actually a decent movie with some funny moments and decent gore effects. The trailer park people are by far the best part of it, especially Norma played by Nichole Hiltz. She seems to be channeling a bit of Joy from My Name is Earl but still manages to make the character her own with enough of a wink and a nod to the audience to show she understands that this movie isn’t supposed to be taken seriously.


Apart from Norma we have local yokel Marv, the guitar-slinging Roach, “masseuse” Miss China, and several others. All are broad stereotypes but the actors bring them to life with gusto and they seem to be relishing their roles. Also of mention is a virtually unrecognizable Pricilla Barnes (Three’s Company, Devil’s Rejects) who has a brief but memorable performance as Norma’s wayward but loving Mom in a flashback. It’s a pretty heart-wrenching scene that serves to give Norma a bit of emotional depth but it doesn’t drag down the movie one bit.

The kids, on the other hand, don’t fair as well. None of them stand out, even with their own characteristics (former prostitute, kleptomaniac, drug addict, sex crazed couple etc.) They exist basically for the trailer park zombies to kill them. And even though it’s fun to watch them meet their demise, the viewers don’t seem to have a stake in any of these ponies. There’s no one really to root for.


Still, this isn’t a movie you watch for any deep reflection, and minor points aside it’s just bit of goofy, gory, silly nonsense that’s well worth a watch or two. And if you do watch it on DVD, be sure to watch the interviews with the “zombie trailer people”. It’s a hoot.

Rating: 7 out of 10

About the Author:  Cheryl would rather live in movie trailers. Hit her up on Twitter at @FeralCherylZ

3 thoughts on “Trailer Park of Terror (2008) Review

  1. Sounds neat. I’ll see if I can find it.

    “Tales from the Crypt” was mainly good to hear the Crypt Keeper’s one-liners.

    “When it comes to basketball, guys like me just pass. Away, that is.”

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