12 Bizarre Ghanaian Horror Posters

Hand-painted Ghanaian movie posters are very creative…and often more interesting than official film posters.  However, in some cases it is obvious the painter knows little about the movie he’s making the poster for.    Here are 12 of the most hilariously obvious examples of this.

1.  Child’s Play.  I don’t remember this movie having jungles and machine gun fights in it:












2.  Hellraiser 2.  Apparently Pinhead is known for eating people whole:













3.  Cujo.  This is a joke right?  Who knew Cujo was a basset hound:














4.  Freddy vs. Jason.   This looks more like Jason vs. Fabio:













5. The Return of the Living Dead.   This is one of my favorite movies, so I’m pretty sure it didn’t take place in an ocean:














6.   Freddy vs. Jason (again).   Jason vs. some random guy named Fred:













7.  Sleepy Hallow.  Or should I say Sleepy Hallowman…The Horseman:













8. Ghost.  I know this movie is more romance than horror, but they actually made it look scary:













9.  Friday the 13th.  What the hell is that beside Jason’s elbow?  Looks like some kind of snake/penis:












10. Drag to Hell.  I assume they mean Drag Me to Hell, but it actually looks more like a ripoff of Night of the Demons:













Thanks for reading!  Let us know which is your favorite.  Also click here to check out more of our lists.


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