Outlast (Nintendo Switch) review

I played Outlast when it first dropped on the PS4, and I mostly loved it. I grew frustrated with certain sections and the struggle to find the critical path through them, but overall, it was a blast. It’s been years, so Outlast dropping on the Switch seemed like a perfect opportunity to revisit the horror… Read More

Alien: Covenant (2017) Review

“There’s so much here that doesn’t make sense.” It’s fitting that Ridley Scott chooses to reference Frankenstein heavily in his third entry into the Alien franchise.  While Ridley wants us to see David, evil android from Prometheus, as a kind of hybrid creation/god melding of Frankenstein and his monster, it is instead more fitting to see the… Read More

J-Horror Mashup “Sadako vs. Kayako”: Love It or Hate It

The horror genre has received great contributions from Japanese filmmakers over the years, with two of the most enduring franchises being The Ring and Ju-On. The main supernatural entities from the films have become iconic in modern pop culture, which is why when the two got featured simultaneously in the recently released Sadako vs. Kayako,… Read More

The Keep (1983) review

“Then what draws people out in the middle of a rainy night?” “Dreams.” Michael Mann fans are a passionate bunch.  They’ll corner you and extol the virtues of his films until they’re blue in the face.  God forbid they’re within earshot of a mention of the topic of cinematic bank robberies.  I know this because… Read More

Fear Town, USA (2014) review

“It’s a St. Blevin’s Day party. It’s when girls at at their horniest. With the possible exception of f#ck week.” I recently watched Brandon Bassham’s 2015 comedy horror, The Slashening, and found it mostly hilarious, the jokes punctuated with some great kills that play off horror cliche. I expected Fear Town, USA, to be the… Read More

Ghoulies (1985) Review

“I got an idea: let’s do a ritual.” I always wanted to watch Ghoulies. At least once a week, my dad would take us to the local mom and pop video store. It was like a trip to the circus. What new oddities would be on the shelves this time?  A paper bag of free… Read More