Blair Witch (2016) Review

1999s The Blair Witch Project was a seismic event.  While there had been found footage films before (Cannibal Holocaust and The Last Broadcast among others),  The Blair Witch Project‘s innovative marketing, identifiable iconography, iconic shots like the sniffling Heather Donahue, and the well-paced, harrowing descent to that memorable, simple end catapulted it into the box office stratosphere.  The Blair Witch Project raked… Read More

Dabbe: Bir Cin Vakasi (2012) Quick Review

Our Quick Reviews bring you great movie recommendations without the spoilers. Genre:  Horror Plot:  A husband and wife move into a new home with their two young children.  After a series of seemingly supernatural occurrences, the husband installs video cameras throughout the home in our to monitor these events and begins to suspect that his wife has… Read More