Indie Horror Director Spotlight: Michael Okum

Welcome to our latest Indie Director spotlight.  This time we interview Michael Okum: an award winning independent filmmaker and visual artist born and raised in New Jersey.  Michael’s first feature film “Expressway To Your Skull” was released on DVD and VOD in fall of 2015. Regular posts about his art and film work can be found… Read More

Vincent Price Talks About Real Life Supernatural Experiences

I recently stumbled across a long forgotten newspaper article from the 70s where horror legend Vincent Price talks about real life supernatural experiences he’s had, including a bizarre premonition about the death of actor Tyrone Power. I found this pretty interesting, even though I don’t really believe in anything supernatural myself.

Indie Horror Director Spotlight: Eric Stanze

Welcome to our latest Indie Director spotlight.  This time we interview Eric Stanze – the director of the cult indie film Savage Harvest (1994), the experimental horror odyssey Ice from the Sun (1999), the brutal Scrapbook (2000), the epic ghost story Deadwood Park (2007), and the blood-splattered crime thriller Ratline (2011). Stanze was the 2nd… Read More

Indie Horror Director Spotlight: Corrie Greenop

Welcome to our newly launched Indie Horror Director Spotlight, which will feature interviews with some of our favorite independent horror directors.  First up we have England’s Corrie “Coz” Greenop.  We recently reviewed Corrie’s movie: Wandering Rose (2014).  The film will be titled Demon Baby in North America. RH: What inspired you to get into film-making?… Read More