Notable October Horror Releases

Need help plotting your Halloween viewing lists?  Below are noteworthy releases for October. Theatrical and VOD releases: October 2 Deathgasm All you really need to know to add this to your “must watch” list is that it’s a horror comedy from New Zealand.  Two teenagers unwittingly summon a demon known as The Blind One by delving into… Read More

10 Lesser Known 80s Horror-Comedies Worth Checking Out

If you love 80’s horror comedies, here’s 10 fun, unique movies ones you should check-out: Student Bodies (1981) A killer named the Breather tallies up a score of teenage bodies in this scathing parody of slasher films. (86 mins.) Director: Mickey Rose Stars: Kristen Riter, Matthew Goldsby, Jerry Belson, Joe Flood Trick or Treat (1986) Sammi Curr was a famous, devil-worshiping rock star… Read More