Deep Red (1975) Review

                        I want to acquaint myself with more Italian horror. I’ve seen only a few over the years, which is rather shameful for someone who loves horror so much. I found a restored version of a Dario Argento film on YouTube. Apparently the original… Read More

The Sender (1982) Quick Review

Our Quick Reviews bring you great movie recommendations without the spoilers. Genre:  Horror Plot:  A disturbed telepathic man is able to transmit his dreams and visions into the minds of the people around him. Overview: The Sender (1982), is a little-known horror/thriller directed by Roger Christian.  Christian went on to make some really terrible films, but trust… Read More

Profile of a Killer (2012) Review

“In real life, the profiler has to get it right or the killer keeps on killing, right?” Two kids playing in the snow make the grisly discovery of a body stripped of flesh.  The local police bring in the FBI, led by icy agent Rachel Cade (Emily Fradenburgh), who in turn pulls retired profiler-turned-author Saul… Read More